Dual Occupancy Homes


Depending on whether Dual Occupancy is permitted on your property, confirmed council approval of a proposed Duplex means a lot of benefits have just come your way. The main benefit of being able to build a duplex is the increase in net worth of your existing property. In simple terms, a property that has an existing dwelling which now can be subdivided with two newly built dwellings can now almost increase your property value by 30%

Further to a increase in property value, building a duplex can also bring the following benefits:

  • an additional dwelling can be beneficial for growing families
  • families that would like to downsize on living space can live in one and sell the other
  • individuals/families that would like to have a rental return investment can consider either renting one or both of the duplexes

Regardless of the many reasons as to why you would want to build a duplex, AJ Homes Australia can assisting with the entire process from eligibility to build, design/ council approval, construction through to completion.

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