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When Deciding On

Whether Your New Build Should Be Single Or Double Storey

Which Style Of Renovation Will Look & Work Best, Or

What Your Limits Are With Extending

AJ Homes Australia Can Help In Assessing What Is Most Suitable For You


AJ Homes’ Design Services specialise in all types of residential dwellings. We can help our clients from concept through to construction, guiding them through each stage of the project.

With our close involvement during the design stage, it is guaranteed that the final design will be a reflection of each client’s vision as we tend to review and understand each client’s lifestyle, needs & desires.

We view the design process as an important aspect to the success of any project combining both the client’s vision and our expertise/core values.

Each home is designed specifically for each property. With our early involvement on any project, we can ensure that all stages of the process is seamless – feasibility reporting, concept planning, detailed design, authority compliance/approval, Construction and Handover


Dual Occupancy Homes


Depending on whether Dual Occupancy is permitted on your property, confirmed council approval of a proposed Duplex means a lot of benefits have just come your way. The main benefit of being able to build a duplex is the increase in net worth of your existing property. In simple terms, a property that has an existing dwelling which now can be subdivided with two newly built dwellings can now almost increase your property value by 30%

Further to a increase in property value, building a duplex can also bring the following benefits:

  • an additional dwelling can be beneficial for growing families
  • families that would like to downsize on living space can live in one and sell the other
  • individuals/families that would like to have a rental return investment can consider either renting one or both of the duplexes

Regardless of the many reasons as to why you would want to build a duplex, AJ Homes Australia can assisting with the entire process from eligibility to build, design/ council approval, construction through to completion.

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Granny Flats

Granny Flats / Studios

Granny Flats & Studios have proven to be extremely popular during the past few years due to the many benefits they bring to home owners in Australia. Only some of the main benefits include:

  • Increase in space & privacy. Whether it be parents that want to support there growing children or growing children that want/need to move out from home but cannot secure a property in this difficult market, Granny provide a great solution as extra space and privacy
  • Investing to enhance financial situation – building a granny flat can be an initial investment which in turn helps save money long term through rental income. Furthermore, rental income can increase borrowing capacity when applying for loans
  • Increasing overall value of property
  • Creating an additional space for recreational or business purposes

​AJ Homes Australia will be able to assist through the entire process, from determining build eligibility, to design/approval through to construction/completion

Single/Double Storey Homes

New Builds

When deciding whether your new build should be Single or Double Storey, AJ Homes Australia can help in assessing what is most suitable for you. Both options bring their own benefits to the table when starting your fresh ‘way of living’ experience. Comparing the two options, Single Storey can prove to be the favourite when both accessibility & ease of maintenance are important to a family. On the other hand, Double Storey is definitely desirable when it comes to maximizing floor area or even trying to split living areas for increased privacy. Building entertainment or living areas on the top level can also increase comfort with additional natural sunlight and street views. There are many more factors to consider which AJ Homes Australia can discuss further.

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Whether it be a partial or complete make over to the home you love, we can bring it back to life, fresh. Rejuvenating everyday used  areas such as bathrooms, kitchens & indoor/outdoor living spaces can definitely enhance your way of living. This is a great option for those that love their home but want to only only improve what is existing.

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Extending onto your home is always an option to consider for growing families or even growing domestic activities. Whether it be an additional member to the family that requires a bedroom, a growing bunch of children that require a larger living area or the start of a new family business where a home office is needed, we can extend for you. From Council Approval through to construction and completion, we can take care of the entire process for you.

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